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Peace Early Learning Center is a Christian Preschool that has been a ministry of Peace Lutheran Church since 2011. Peace Early Learning Center is committed to providing a loving and nurturing environment where your child will feel safe and secure. Through our daily activities and Christian values our experienced teachers will guide your child through their developmental stages and help them develop skills in all areas of their development. We believe each child is created by God as an individual who is valued and unique. 



Peace Early Learning Center provides a nurturing and safe Christian environment for the development of children and the support of their families providing an exceptional academic foundation. The children are restored, refreshed, and renewed through a loving relationship with Christ.

Daily Devotion/Chapel

Daily Devotion is a special time in the classroom. Each week children learn a lesson from the Bible, along with a Bible song. Here at Peace we are planting the seeds of faith for spiritual growth in the future. Children learn to ask questions about God and talk about Him openly. With each passing lesson children eagerly anticipate the Bible teaching. Teachers engage the children’s minds and hearts with the truth of God’s word even at such an early age. Every Wednesday all our children attend chapel where they hear the weeks Bible story, worship through music and learn to pray.

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